We are glad that we have aroused your interest. We are pleased to introduce VETO NAILS to you.

We are FRANK SCHÄBERLE (right in the picture) and JEAN-MARC TROSKA (left in the picture). Both of us have been successfully active in the nail industry for more than 25 years and have helped shape it, each in our own way. The question that finally brought us together in 2019 was "What is the perfect product for professional work and do you really always need everything available on the market to guarantee perfect model layers?" For us it was quickly clear, NO! it needs a VETO.


A few products adapted to modern requirements are sufficient to guarantee high-performance modeling in the studio. Without any frills, but with 100% reliability and quality. With this claim VETO NAILS was founded; a world where everything revolves around professional products and your success.

Our award-winning products are available exclusively to trade nail professionals with proof of training. If you want to learn more about VETO NAILS, register with trade license and certificate of basic training (photo is enough).

We are looking forward to you!

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Veto Box Vol.1

Test the best. Our TOP FIVE products in original size at a special price.

No. 1


Disinfectant solution for cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting the nail plate. Registered biocidal product: N-82787

No. 2

Intensive bond 15 ml

Acid-free, air-drying adhesive for intensive bonding of all UV gels.

No. 3

bond+build 15 ml

Acidic, low viscosity 1-phase adhesive gel with multifunctional properties.

No. 4

build+bright 15 ml

Award-winning professional modeling gel for all nail types. Self-smoothing and heat-reduced.

No. 5

gloss+go 15 ml

Crystal-clear high-gloss sealant without inhibition layer. For all systems. Available in three color shades.



100% reliability and quality.