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Addicted to color ...

When the evenings get cooler again in September, the most colorful and dazzling season nourishes itself: autumn. We welcome it and enjoy its colorful splendor. Timeless colors that represent calm and healing and express a rainbow of cheerfulness support our lifestyle of constant reinvention.

Time for us to let you know about some exciting new products and offers, and to remind you of existing promotions:

So many great new products; just the thing to get you off to the best possible start for Fall 2021. There are 30 stunning new colors to discover alone, and the best part is that half of them will remain in the standard range. If you've received several packages from us in the past, you've probably already gotten to know it and may be one of those who kept asking us "when is this beguiling fragrance finally coming as a perfume?" ... well, now it's here and we're proud to introduce you to our own signature eau de parfum VETO No. 1. Also fragrant but highly effective is our new HAND & NAIL SERUM, which you should definitely try as well.

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