The intelligent solution of perfectly modeled nails

The principle of VETO MODELLAGE GEL is based on its natural, gentle bonding to the natural nail, which is triggered by intelligent control and dosage of the photoinitiators contained in VETO MODELLAGE GEL. This reliable bond is almost inseparable and guarantees reliable nail modeling.

The result is the result of many years of research and few things beflügeln the company VETO as much as the search for the ideal plastics for professional nail modeling. FRANK SCHÄBERLE and MARC TROSKA have also poured all their berufliche experience into this project. Based on their expertise and the intensive exchange with experts of many years, the development of this novel UV gel has become possible.

New, and equally revolutionary, is the unique, homogeneous structure of VETO MODELLAGE GELE, as they smooth themselves on the oberfläche and hardly need to be reworked. Their natural colors, adapted to the natural keratin, additionally supported the natural appearance of the nail modeling, the result of which convinces even demanding nail stylists: after the evaluation of more than 40,000 votes, VETO MODELLAGE GEL was awarded 1st PLACE at the BEAUTY FORUM Stars Award for the best hand & nail product 2021!

In order to meet all individual aesthetic requirements, VETO MODELLAGE GEL is available in five different shades. The highlight is that the processing properties and performance of all MODELLAGE G ELS is identical and they really only differ in the color shade:

All VETO MODELLAGE GELS have adhesion-enhancing additives and can be processed without additional adhesion promoters if required.

■ creamy, self-smoothing modeling gel with a high inherent shine

■ available in 5 shades

■ thixotropic consistency, without running into the nail edges

■ minimal heat of reaction during curing

■ strong adhesion even on problem nails

■ no lifting

■ no yellowing

■ no chipping

■ scratch resistant

■ natural look

■ Suitable for all nail types